Sunday, 25 August 2013

Log Cabin Quilt

Don't you just love those weekends when you have nothing to do!?  Well, for me they just don't come around often enough.  Between work, social commitments, family and of course the dog, I really have to work hard to squeeze in the things I love!  Like my hobbies.

I bought the fabric for this quilt when I went to Seattle Christmas 2012....I discovered JoAnn fabric store and fell in LOVE!  Why do we not have stores like this in the UK?  Hobby craft just pales into comparison.  And while we're at it - why is fabric just SO much more expensive in the UK and we barely get the range.  My local store is over priced and understocked!  No pretty patterns.

Anyway I think I spent like an afternoon in the store and packed a whole extra case to take home and even with the cost of the excess baggage I still saved probably £250/300 on what it would have cost me at home.  I bought some haberdashery products, more fabric than is in this quilt and honestly it was one of the highlights of the holiday for me!  I can't wait to go back to the states so I can go again.  I wish they'd start international shipping!

My first quilt was a double and it just doesn't quite hang properly on a king size bed.  I didn't know how hard this was going to be to do on my domestic sewing machine.  The top came together really quickly and log cabin pattern is so forgiving but when it came to the piecing - oh my lord - it hurt!  My arms are killing me!

So it became a version famous UFP in my house!  Not only was it tough to move but because it's light and dark I found it very difficult to get a suitable thread and ended up working with invisible thread which is really difficult!  Does anybody have any better suggestions on how to do this?  I love the contrast of light and dark fabric??

Yesterday I woke up and decided it was going to get done!  It took me from 1130am until 1am in the morning but I did it!  I'm so proud of it.  

And it's super cosy and now I intend to make some pillows from the scraps to go with it!

My next quilt project is going to be to finish off the Christmas table runners I started last year and then a lap quilt!

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