Friday, 29 August 2014

My birthday...

So it really has been an incredibly busy summer.  It was my birthday a few weeks ago and so we went to the races on the Saturday...

It was more an opportunity to get dressed up and wear a fascinator!

It was ladies day....

The blokes did come along too but it was all about us girls.  

To be honest - it was fun, but only cos of the company - the races itself were a bit rubbish.  We couldn't even buy a cocktail or a glass of prosecco!  Not really what I signed up for but on the plus side there was a boy band tribute band on at night time complete with a fake take that!  They went down a treat!  

For my birthday I got some lovely presents including an overlocker from the boyfriend!

Puss got a present too....

The box!

Commonwealth frolics

So this post is kind of late to the table but July saw Glasgow host the commonwealth games.

It was brilliant - the city was just alive.  

It started off with a rocking party and we were lucky enough to be doing some filming down at Glasgow Green so got to soak up the atmosphere.

The weather was insane!


The people were fantastic and Glasgow really put on a show.

We also got to go see some gymnastics - which was so good

And then some more filming - this time a flash mob with Nicola Benedetti


We got to do a quick interview with her for our film too.

There was just so much going on around the city.  We had these cool wee clydes all over the city too


And it was a challenge to say the least, with a closed airspace but we even managed to get permission to fly a drone and get some aerials - which looked incredible...


And the city finished it all off with another big party, so it meant back to the Green....


For some compulsory flag waving!

And even more compulsory beer drinking!

It was sooooo much fun!  Wish we could do it all again

Patterns and fabrics

I recently bought these lovely fabrics.... and the Colette knit dress pattern

I just need to find time to make them now.  The green bird fabric is going to be a dressing gown

In other news I've been attending an advanced dressmaking class and I've just about finished my hawthorn blouse - just sleeves and buttons to go in - but man those plackets are a nuisance!


So anybody who follows me on twitter or instagram you will know I have been getting really into crochet lately.

Whilst I love my sewing - I find it quite anti-social and when i'm in the sewing room I can't interact with the boyfriend... and when I'm sat watching a movie or box set with him I feel guilty I'm not sewing so I wanted something to do with my hands.  I do knit but on anything more complicated than a straight stitch it's impossible for me to knit and really watch something.  The boyfriend says I'm an angry knitter - not really the point, right?  But if he interrupts me when i'm in the middle of a lace pattern what do you expect?!  lol.  So anyway crochet seems a perfect fit.  I'd been wanting to learn for a while and I just started following videos on youtube and taught myself.

I'd been making granny squares for a while.... so I still have those piled up to put together in a blanket... so I just decided to keep going...

It started coming up fairly quickly

Soon enough I had a Pippa sized blanket...

She seemed to get pretty comfy in that there blanket....

And then later on that night still wouldn't let it go..

That face just says it all right?  Don't steal my blanket mum?  lol

Anyway I did (cruel mum) and it's still coming together really well now.... except I ran out of wool just a few crochets away from the end of a row - so I'm now awaiting my ebay delivery (hopefully tomorrow) as I'm getting crochet withdrawals.

It really is the perfect craft to do in front of the box and a great way to use up yarn!