Tuesday, 27 August 2013


After finishing my log cabin quilt I wanted to do another quick(er) project.  I had a couple of charm packs I'd bought ages ago and not done anything with.  I thought I'd try and make a lap quilt for my Mother for Christmas.  So last night I got out the packs.
I've used here a block colour charm pack and a pattern one.  I've picked out the blue and pink ones and as I didn't have enough of both of those to make the size I want, I've put purple in to beef it up.
Here's Pippa choosing her favourite charms!  She is always curled at my feet when I'm quilting!  She's the perfect quilting company.

So I've laid out the colours that I like together.  I want one block colour and one patterned piece per pinwheel.

I saw a tip for doing pin wheels on Missouri Star Quilt tutorials  (which is a great source for quilting tips) so I've followed that.

You basically put your charms together, right side and then sew the whole way around the outside.

Then you want to cut them on the diagonal twice.

Here's all of mine cut up!

Next you fold these out.  I folded mine out to the colour block.  You want them all to go in the same direction so the pinwheels sit well together

I have about 18 pinwheels on my quilt top so it's a good idea to get yourself a system!  I sew all mine, cut them all together and then iron them all out.

Halfway through!  Man it's a lot of cutting and ironing!

You want them all ironed out and then you have to piece them together.  Be really careful here as it's so easy to sew them the wrong way!

Once you've sewn all the pieces together you should end up with something that looks like this!
And when they're all done - something that looks like this!!

I reckon all of that hard work deserves a cup of tea!

I shall finish these tonight and then start piecing together!  I'm not sure if I might put a lattice border through them beforehand! hmmmmmm......

Pinwheels are so fun tho and this method is so quick!  I just love to see the quilt top come up fast like this.

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