Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Saint Andrews

So we thought Saturday was our annual Cavalier summer party.  We got Pippa all groomed ready to go and compete for her title of Scotland's longest ears, drove the hour up to the venue and then discovered we were a week early!  Rather than waste the day we decided to continue to St Andrews.  

It was lovely.  We wandered round the town, got an ice cream and went down to the harbour

We were lucky with the weather too - the rain stayed away

Here's Pippa with the statue of their famous cat - Hamish McHamish..... if this is life size - that's a big cat!

Fiances Birthday

So it was the fiance's birthday end of last month.... we had a belter of a weekend celebrating it!

He got to choose what I cooked him on Friday night - so he went for Scallops a la Delia

Those scallops are seriously good!  Seriously.  you should try them.  They've incredibly rich and normally reserved for Christmas.

Followed by Spanakopita and salad

I just love spanakopita.  So simple to make yet so darn yummy.

And of course cake for pud!  His cake of choice - courgette cake.

I made a lime cream cheese frosting to go with it.  

For his birthday I bought us a day at the spa - so we spent all day Saturday being pampered and then got dressed up for dinner at a new restaurant in town.

Experimenting with the selfie stick here - it's hit or miss whether we take one photo or 25 at the minute - grrr bluetooth!

I always hate leaving Pippa at home when we're celebratin - look at that face - she knows we're going out without her.

We had a quick drink in the pub next door to the restaurant first

It was so nice to watch everybody wander by.  It was a sunny day and Glasgow was out in force.  We never normally see the sun here so when it comes people are super happy

Our meal was just fantastic.  I had Calamari, followed by Seabass and we shared a side of lobster mac and cheese - oh my gosh that was good!

Finished it off with a marilyn monroe cocktail.  This is seriously good.  Almost as good as the lavender cocktail I had in Dublin.

It was a really fun weekend.  I love it when it's just us hanging out like this.  My favourite times