Sunday, 27 July 2014

Falling Charm Quilt

I started this quilt quite a few months ago.  I seem to have been doing it for ages, but not because it's hard or tricky to do - just a lack of sewing time.

It's a Missouri Star Quilt Co youtube tutorial.  I got 3 charm packs off ebay and used up white fabric I had leftover from a previous project.

So it's a bit like a log cabin, but without all the strips.  The charm packs are a great way to save all the cutting!  

I spent a little bit of time considering a layout, so that I didn't have similar or same charms too close!

You also want to make sure you get the 'falling' bit right.

Once you get a layout, I always find it useful to snap a pic, so I have it to refer back to

The dog thought she'd nip in there and get in this pic.

Then it's just a case of sewing each square together and then each row together.

Pinning!  I wish I had an adjustable table as my back is always killing after this bit!

I just stitched round the ditch of each of the charm squares.  It was a bit fiddly and took quite a bit of time.

I had a jelly roll that I used for the border and binding

The binding took forever to put on - the jelly roll was just too narrow  - note to self; don't do that again!

So I was up until 1 in the morning last night binding and then gave up.  

I was also using a new wadding - Mountain Mist which I bought from the Create & Craft TV website.    I had a few problems with it.  I think it took a bit more effort to get through the machine compared to warm & Natural and it kept getting stuck on my walking foot upon entry to the quilt top.  I also had quite a lot of creases.  Part of the reason why I was up so late last night as I had to do a lot of unpicking.  So I don't think I'll use it again.   I will just find the extra money and stick with the reliable quality of the Warm & Natural brand.  

But here's the finished result - I'm quite pleased with it!  

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