Friday, 13 June 2014

Quick Camping Trip

When we got back from Rome it was almost instantly the first May bank holiday.  We decided that it'd been years since we went camping, so we packed up the tent and went down to Brighouse Bay near Castle Douglas for a couple of nights.

We arrived quite late on the Friday after  a lovely windy drive down.   Put the tent up in near the dark, which in itself was impressive!  We ended up just going for a Chinese and then having an early night

The next day we had a good wander round the town of Kircudbright and then on to Castle Douglas.  The temperature really dipped tho, so it was very chilly and we didn't really get the explore we had planned to do

We returned to the campsite for the afternoon, read magazines and then decided we'd put a quick bbq on.
There's something about just hanging out in a tent......... it's relaxing.

Here's the boyfriend doing his very best chef work...

To be fair those burgers did turn out pretty nice

We finished it off with some s'mores.  We even managed to find Graham Crackers in the USA tesco aisle! yummm

A quick pre mixed cocktail each and then we headed to the wee pub on the campsite - which after being a dog friendly camp site didn't actually let dogs into their bar.  Bit cheesed at that.

I have to say - I think it's a caravan for us next time we go camping!  I may be too old for lying on the ground!!

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