Thursday, 16 January 2014

Sewing Room Upgrade

I don't know about you but I always feel slightly relieved with January comes.  The over indulgences of December are over, it's a time to hibernate and regroup and get ready for the year ahead.

It's also usually a quiet time in terms of work for me - but maybe not so much this year.  Regardless I am taking every opportunity I can to get on the sewing machine.

I have started a new knitting project and keep making the Granny squares for my crochet quilt when I'm in front of the TV and the sewing room is about to get a make over.  Starting with this little beauty - my new thread organiser!  The simple things..... it just makes me so happy to look at it.  I'm constantly looking for the same colour thread and can't find it..... especially invisible thread.  Turns out I have 8 reels of invisible thread!  I just kept buying more for my log cabin quilt as I thought I'd ran out!  Oh man.  Anyway now I can see what I have.

The next thing on my sewing room agenda, is a book shelf and a display cabinet to keep my stash in. I'm going to hit the antiques shops this weekend and try and grab a couple of bargains.  Then finally I'm going to get a better table.  I have an old one from my boyfriend's parents garage and it has been great, but I feel like I want one with a few drawers in to keep the essentials.

A book shelf will be amazing as I can display all my books and lovely little bits on.  I'm going to turn it into a real sewing sanctuary.

I also think I shall obtain some wall hangings until I have time to make my own.  My sewing room is also our spare room for if we have anybody stay over, so it needs to serve a double purpose.  

We are working on a new show about dealing at auctions at the moment and I think perhaps that should be where I am hanging out looking for these bargains!  

I'll keep you updated on how it's coming along..... watch this space... literally  - lol!

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