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Monday, 14 October 2013

Course Update

It's been a really busy few weeks in my life so sorry for the lack of posting.
I started the patisserie course and it's going really well and is really fun!  So far we made marmalade pudding..  I am not really a fan of steamed puddings but this one was pretty de-lish!

Then we had a go at the eclairs.  These are pictured without the chocolate and the cream!  They vanished so quick after I made them I didn't have a chance to take proper pictures.  They were the yummiest thing we've made so far.

We also made a savoury tart.  Mine didn't turn out so well.  I don't really like creamy savoury things so this was a bit rich for me.  I'd make some adjustments next time.

The following week we made a marbled chocolate tart.  Again, I wasn't super impressed with mine.  I used tesco finest chocolate and I'd probably upgrade to green & blacks or similar the next time.
The sweet pastry was really yummy tho!

And it certainly went down well with a cup of tea and some cream for dinner the following night...