Friday, 29 August 2014

Commonwealth frolics

So this post is kind of late to the table but July saw Glasgow host the commonwealth games.

It was brilliant - the city was just alive.  

It started off with a rocking party and we were lucky enough to be doing some filming down at Glasgow Green so got to soak up the atmosphere.

The weather was insane!


The people were fantastic and Glasgow really put on a show.

We also got to go see some gymnastics - which was so good

And then some more filming - this time a flash mob with Nicola Benedetti


We got to do a quick interview with her for our film too.

There was just so much going on around the city.  We had these cool wee clydes all over the city too


And it was a challenge to say the least, with a closed airspace but we even managed to get permission to fly a drone and get some aerials - which looked incredible...


And the city finished it all off with another big party, so it meant back to the Green....


For some compulsory flag waving!

And even more compulsory beer drinking!

It was sooooo much fun!  Wish we could do it all again

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