Friday, 7 March 2014

Mathilde blouse

So it's been a long time coming but finally I have managed to complete my Mathilde Blouse  as designed by Tilly

As soon as I saw this shirt on Tilly's blog I knew I had to make it.  My staple wardrobe is made up of blouses and jeans.  I'd already made the colette peony dress at my class and so I thought I might be able to tackle this on my own.

One of the things I really struggled with was fabric choice - not which pattern, but which type of fabric.  I'm new to dressmaking fabrics and so didn't know anything about drape, different types etc.  So I bought the Fabric for Fashion Swatch Book and read posts on other peoples blogs about how to pick the right fabric for a particular pattern.  I'd read some good reviews about Liberty Lawn but knew it was expensive.  It was a risk given this would be my first unassisted project but I took my time, followed the amazingly clear instructions on Tilly's blog and I got my blouse!

I narrowed it down to between these two fabric samples:

I went with the light blue as it was summer when I started making this! (ssshhhh!)

I printed the pattern off using the office printer (again ssshhh!) and I thought it would be a right pain to assemble at home.  It wasn't.  It was really easy.

And the construction was really easy to follow too.  I even managed to put french seams in!

It was all going swimmingly and then it was the lead up to Christmas and sewing for me had to stop as I had 2 quilts to make and a bunch of table runners that I wanted to give as presents.  

So fast fwd to the new year.  Picked it up again early January and really struggled with my buttons.  I use a Janome CXL301 and I just couldn't get the automatic button hole to work.  So I took it into the lady I did my course with and I'd not been waiting for it to beep once it had put the first button hole in!  Hurrah.  Easily fixed.

So I went home and put them on right away

don't look too closely as there are a few errors there from the aforementioned buttonhole fiasco!

I also think my neckline is a little high, so I'd maybe make that adjustment next time

And it's slightly tighter than I wanted - but that's my fault.... I cut a bit of the back off as it seemed too big.  So I'll just leave it alone next time.... and there will be a next time.

All in all I'm really chuffed with it.  I want to do a polka dot one next time!

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