Sunday, 7 July 2013


So on Tuesday (the day before Sandy's birthday) we went to see Robbie at Hampden.  It was, as you can imagine, outstanding.

He's such an entertainer.  It was so exciting to see him live again.  It's been a while and he sure hasn't lost it!

We managed to get right to the front.  

His set design was amazing!  Loads of tricks all revolving around different images of his head

I so enjoy singing out loud at a concert!  I bet I do everyone around me's heads in.

He sang with Olly Murs too - his new bes bud.  Olly held his own as the warm up act.  He did a great job.

All in all it was a fantastic night.  But it takes so long to get home from these things.  I was so glad to finally get to bed.  But I couldn't really sleep afterwards.  I was hyper and I was also excited to tell Sandy we were going to Prague the day after his birthday for his present!

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